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How Should YOU Be Hiring to Avoid Painful Mishires?

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How Should YOU Be Hiring to Avoid Painful Mishires?

Some of the Businesses Where We've Helped Simplify Hiring

A Few of the Business We've Helped Maximize Sales

We Help You Find Sales Teams Who Build Sales Cultures

We're our clients "secret sauce" to build a sales culture -- and to maintain it once you've got it.

All the "heavy lifting" finding and identifying salespeople who will do the work is done for you. Automatically.

AAPS Profiler Sequence for 20 years. More than 2000 clients. Finds salespeople who pick up the phone and perform after sounding so great in the intervierw!

We Help You Find Sales Teams Who Build Sales Cultures

If you are trying to build a sales culture -- or maintain a strong sales culture, use the Advanced Hiring AAPS Sequence. You'll be amazed.

All the heavy lifting of finding and identifying the right sales candidates is done for you. Automatically in a 4-Pillar Sequence, that for 20 years and for more than 2000 clients, has built sales teams with salespeople who are driven by success.

The last two hires we've made, with the help of your System have turned our sales department around.

Their enthusiasm and aggressiveness have totally changed the culture here for the better.

Lynn Kinuko Nishimoto

Sales Manager, KVEW-TV

How to Find Salespeople

with "The Superpower"

We "feel your pain and frustration" hiring salespeople.

When we built our 200 person sales team for our startup, Radio Profits Corporation, we nearly failed. We found most sales hiring practices were simply wrong.

We found a way to hire differently -- and it got us near perfect sales recruiting results. Our salespeople made us successful.

We've taught this system to more than 2000 clients. And the results have been nothing less than amazing.

Let us become your sales hiring coaches using the AAPS Sequence. It will change your life. Really. We know it works -- and we have a crazy 1-Year Guarantee to prove it.

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