Hiring Sales Superstars, Faster, and More Reliably

AHS delivers an affordable, effective, and turnkey recruiting system so that sales driven companies can focus on revenue growth.

Our Commitment To You

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What AHS Can Do For you

simplify your sales hiring

45% of bad hires are due to lack of process, yet, less than 1% of companies have developed or strengthened their practices.

eliminate guesswork & bias

80% of new hires do not make it past their first year and top producers outperform the average by 2.5X. It's all about the right salespeople.

attract and incentivize sales talent

There are significant costs of high turnover on revenue, company morale, lost productivity, and institutional knowledge.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Harry Abrahamsen,
CEO of Abrahamsen Financial Group
"It allows people to cut through all the noise out there. . .I believe that the system you have is invaluable for business owners that want to take sales seriously."
Cameron Robinson,
Founder & CEO of Whiteboard Geeks
"I didn't realize what I needed was a filtering process that takes into account people's personality types and their drive to help me select the perfect candidate and that's exactly what Advanced Hiring did for us."
Steven Arnold,
Founder of Steven Arnold Music
"The beautiful thing is the amazing amount of time this saves… and you spend your time reviewing very highly qualified candidates."