Stop Hiring Lousy Salespeople...

Hire sales superstars reliably, consistently and successfully. 

Use our 4-Pillar AAPS Sequence.

Watch them excel.

Stop Hiring Lousy Salespeople ...

Hire sales superstars reliably, consistently and successfully. Use our 4-Pillar AAPS Sequence. 

Watch them excel.


Explore Our 4-Pillar AAPS Sequence

Reliably find qualified sales closers for your team.

Ad Copy & Dispersion Method

Write ads that attract -- and repel.

Personality Profiler Value Filter

Find out what motivates and moves them

FST Intelligence Interview Sequence

Get to the truth with your interview

Rewarder Compensation

Create a start to finish comp plan

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"It's a wonderful program. Everything in the system is great - the Interview Module is perfect. We've been through DISC and are very familiar with it, but the Advanced Hiring System is more than DISC. Your system approach and all the good information you provide just make it so easy to hire better people. We've had every lot of HR Directors that have told us to conduct multiple interviews. But there has never been a system like this to do it with a period. I am so happy with the new hires we have made a period."

-  Robin Conerly

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