Sales Hiring Resources

4 Things You Must Do

To Consistently Hire Top Talent

You know how frustrating it is to hire salespeople.

You pick them out from the stack of resumes or

LinkedIn profile. Then you interview them. And in

the interview, you just know “they handle so well,

they are going to be perfect.”

Six months later you’re firing them or they quit.

Those statistics on sales recruiting are terrible – less than 10% of sales hires in the last 5 years. Yet everybody continues to recruit the same way. It’s crazy.

In this little report, we offer a proven alternative

strategy that will amaze you. It is so effective and

simple for you!

Big Book of Job Ads

Find Candidates Who Will Beg to Sell For You

I sold that company because getting 40% of your team to be sales studs turns any business into a cash machine.

For 16 years since I’ve helped companies create scientific sales hiring systems in their businesses.

Today, with more than 2000 clients, every week hundreds of clients profile applicants through the Advanced Hiring System.

We help them figure out whether their applicants “match the model” of high producing salespeople – after their Ad Copy and Ad Placement has brought in applicants.

FST Intelligence Interview Process

Spot and Eliminate the Fakers During An Interview

The biggest problem facing most growing businesses today is hiring salespeople... who can sell. Every sales manager has hired salespeople. Then watched and prayed that their sales hire succeeds.

In 18 years of working with businesses. I’ve observed most sales hires turn out NOT to be superstars. In fact, the majority turn out to be total failures.

So, companies invest in sales training and coaching in hopes of fixing a bad hiring decision.

Using this system will give you a powerful tool that will screen fakers out.

Sales Compensation Plans to Grow Revenue

Concise Guide To Compensation Agreements

Top performers need to know that if they dig in and make that extra call at the end of the day and close someone, they will make a

clearly quantifiable amount of money for that effort.

All businesses are different. But the common element of a successful sales organization is that the compensation plan focuses on what is important to salespeople.

For sales superstars, $100,000 for a full-time sales position is the key number that will motivate them in most markets. Your plan must show them exactly what they need to do to earn $100K. And in this guide, we show you how to do it ethically.

Get The "Formula" To Hire Top Performing Salespeople - Consistently!

Never again in an interview will you be saying to yourself, “What a waste of time.”

Find the right person for the job! Finally, identify candidates who are self-motivated, reliable, coachable, & hungry to close deals.

Most Trusted Name in Sales Hiring Systems. Better Sales Hiring Transforms Your Profitability Forever.

Guaranteed Results! - Or Your Money Back. We have no incentive to sell you - because if it doesn't work, you don't pay.


We always want to hear from you. We give sales hiring tips & consult with anyone who wants to hire the best salespeople who can sell and make it big, really!


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