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A Few of the Business We've Helped Maximize Sales

Look What Our Members Are Saying...

"I found myself in the position of needing to hit a 'home run' on my very next hire if I was going to have any hope of salvaging this year. AHS led me through the process every step of the way, and Alan was there whenever I had doubts, questions or needed guidance. In the end, I didn't hit a home run like I had hoped--I hit a grand slam. My new sales manager accounted for 50% of the teams' production in his very first month! Thanks, AHS!"

Dennis Flannery, Va. Chamber of Commerce

"Advanced Hiring walks you through the process, answers every question. The system is inexpensive, which is a real bonus. I have recommended Advanced Hiring System to many people because the system and testing are such effective tools, and I highly recommend this system to you."

Rich Rubenstein, America's Remote Help Desk

"Hi Alan:

"Hi Alan: My new TeleSales hire is on line as of 2/16 and at Week #2 appears to be the BEST HIRE we have ever made. Your screning tests (of course) made the hiring process faster in total elapsed time, as well as less costly in terms of MY time and more effective. Also, I love the objectivity it brings. Please put me in for another 10 pack. It appears I may go back into the hiring mode in 6 weeks or so. Bob Shockey"

Bob Shockey John Henry Company

"The best hiring tools I've ever found." Jamie Futrell. GM Bristol Broadcasting

Look What Our Members Are Saying...

"Its a wonderful program. Everything in the system is great - the Interview Module is perfect. We've been through DISC and are very familiar with it, but the Advanced Hiring System is more than DISC. Your system approach and all the good information you provide just make it so easy to hire better people. We've had every lots of HR Directors that have told us to conduct multiple interviews. But there has never been a system like this to do it with. I am so happy with the hires we've made."

Robin D Conerly, New York Times Companies

"Over the years I have used a number of different tools and assessments to screen potenƟal sales candidates but I highly recommend Advanced Hiring System. While there are many other companies that sell the DISC system, what you get with Advanced Hiring is the ability to speak with a very responsive president who will help you interpret the results of candidates who don't fall into a clear demographic.""

Ross Kent, ScanAlert

"I am now working on my fourth sales hire since contracting with you last summer, and have yet to go wrong. I look at the list of candidates that have come forward, and I realize now how much time I was wasting on people who had no chance of being successful. I’ve had to re-discipline myself to follow your steps as well as add a few of my and my company’s own (driving record and drug screens), and while that sometimes seems like a lot of work, the result is that I am finding motivated individuals. If I’m honest with myself, it is also saving me time."

Tom West, Morrison County Record

"It would have been impossible to do what we do without the Advanced Hiring System " Harry Abrahamson, MDRT Abrahamson Advisor.

"the sales rep we hired using your system is doing a great job for us - we feel that your system worked extremely well - she has brought in $10k of ongoing monthly corporate business in her third month with us!"

John Evans, Personnel Profiles

"its working great. We feel like you've turned us on to a gold mine. we can really tell with the last few people that we've hired how well the System works"

Jamie Futrell, Bristol Broadcasting

"A year ago we hired a recruiter who switched us to another test. But we got much better results from the AHS System, so we are back"

Stacy Smith, Global Solutions Electronics

"The beautiful thing is the amazing amount of time you save with AHS" Stephen Arnold, Founder Stephen Arnold Music

"I had 11 interviews in Atlanta last week and hired 4 very good candidates. The system really works! "

Lucas Stewart, Stewart Park Homes

"Alan,Thanks for your words of wisdom on hiring.You have a very valuable and effective tool and we are glad to have access to it."

Walt Tiburski,

"I continue to enjoy your product very much and your service is making a difference."

Hector Chomat, County Trust Mortgage Bankers

"How AHS Quickly Found Quality Salespeople for Us " Cameroon Robin, CEO Whiteboard Geeks.

"I love your test! It’s very revealing for the candidates we run it on and saves us time and money. Your company is very service-oriented. Thank you. "

Chris Ferguson, Lotus Communications

"Alan Fendrich and I Do Not Always Agree. But He Is a Gem, and I Recommend Advanced Hiring System To Everybody"

Julian Allitt, CEO Jazz Radio Berlin

"we interviewed a candidate who failed the Value test but sounded great on the phone and did ok on the Style test. We walked away from the interview thinking that it was a waste of time. We should have trusted the system more."

Stratis Narliotis, Millennium Surgical Corp

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