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What Is AAPScourse?

It’s a powerful tool you will use to screen out all the “faker” applicants and fill your sales team with
ONLY the “A” Players: entrepreneurial thinkers who can manage their emotions.
They think big and follow through.
They pick themselves up after a defeat and keep moving.

Your #1 Hiring Problem

You have to find salespeople WHO CAN SELL. How many times have you hired a “salesperson,”
then watched them turn out to be mediocre, unmotivated and unproductive?
You try to fix it by paying for sales training and coaching.
MORE money down the drain. You end up happy when a new hire is not a
TOTAL failure. What you need is a system to help you hire salespeople who routinely:

Find new business and grow their list.

Sell your products without constant


What Makes AAPScourse
Better Than ANY Other Training

Dr. Phil says, “The biggest predictor of an individual’s future behavior is their past behavior.” It’s true. You’ll use the AAPScourse to make good hiring decisions by gathering specific information about every applicant’s past behavior. You’ll learn to:

Ask questions they did NOT prepare for
to get unrehearsed answers.

Go beyond the superficial decision strategies that bad applicants rely on.

Ask ONLY experiential questions. (e.g., “How did you get through college financially?”)

Get examples. Anyone who cannot

demonstrate the qualities you want is a faker.

Get examples. Anyone who cannot

demonstrate the qualities you want is a faker.

How The AAPSCourse Will Change YOU

Engineer Persona

Low charm, low warmth,
not very communicative.


You won’t be rude, but you’ll NEVER

go into sales mode.


Gather information about their past

behavior. Always be objective.

You’ll replace the constant turnover of a mediocre, unmotivated sales
force with productive, self-motivated salespeople who will be loyal to you
for many years, because they are thrilled with the income
they earn from their production for your company.

AAPSCourse Testimonials

“We used your system to recently hire 4 people. One didn’t work out. One is making progress. And 2 of them walked through the door and got orders the very…

Julian Allitt, Jazz Radio Berlin


“Your interview Module is perfect. Your system approach and all the good information you provide just make it so easy to hire better people. I am so happy with the…

Robin D. Conerly, Classified Advertising Director, New York Times Company Array

“Your AHS system gave me a more objective way of evaluating candidates. Hiring is so much more organized and systematic with AHS. My support staff can do the time-consuming stuff.…

Lynda Dukes, KCIM Carroll Broadcasting, Carroll IA Array

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