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I am awestruck by the 4 interview steps you teach and encourage in your AHS 4-Part Interview Module. In the past, interviewing was seen as tedious, but the way you script it really makes it more of a "getting to know you and you us" process.

-  Chip Raffi

Va. Beach Mercedes

Every step we take with Advanced Hiring seems to reinforce that we made the right decision to bring you on to help us strategically find the right sales force for our company. Thanks for holding our hand antd showing us how to make things happen for us.

-  Dan Reynolds

Z10 Television

I found myself in the position of needing to hit a 'home run' on my very next hire if I was going to have any hope of salvaging this year. AHS led me through the process every step of the way, and Alan was there whenever I had doubts, questions or needed guidance. In the end, I didn't hit a home run like I had hoped--I hit a grand slam. My new sales manager accounted for 50% of the teams's production in his very first month! Thanks, AHS!

-  Dennis Flannery

Northern VA Chamber of Commerce

Its a wonderful program. Everything in the system is great - the Interview Module is perfect. We've been through DISC and are very familiar with it, but the Advanced Hiring System is more than DISC. Your system approach and all the good information you provide just make it so easy to hire better people. We've had every lots of HR Directors that have told us to conduct multiple interviews. But there has never been a system like this to do it with a period. I am so happy with the new hires we have made a period.

-  Robin Conerly

NY Times Classifieds

Finding qualified applicants is absolutely the most frustrating element of sales management (duh!). We've got soooo many applicants that simply aren't suited to our needs. It's a shame. The good news is that Phil isn't spending 4-5 hours with these people before we find out. Advanced Hiring is doing it's job quite nicely.

-  Cindy Jones

I had 11 interviews in Atlanta last week and hired 4 very good candidates. The system really works!

-  Lucas Stewart

Stewart Homes

Saves us a ton of time!

-  Susan Kelly

Renda Broadcasting

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