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We're Here Because Hiring Quality Salespeople is Critical to Your Company’s Success

A great sales team is often MORE important to a company’s success than an excellent product. (Plenty of mediocre products get sold like crazy -- while companies with great products struggle.)

Fourteen years ago we created a company that averaged 60,000 individual sales a year. From its inception until we sold it seven years later, it generated more than $131,880,000 in sales.

To accomplish this sales result, we partnered with more than 200 businesses. Our role was to generate additional, incremental sales for our partners that they would not have had without us.

This required that we teach our clients to hire salespeople. We were being paid based on performance. Our success depended on our ability to successfully hire salespeople.

As a result, Advanced Hiring System was created. We discovered a way to cut our clients' previous "bad sales hire" rate by 50%.

Advanced Hiring might be the world’s most widely used sales hiring system -- that a lot of managers have never heard of!

We provide sales-driven companies with an affordable system to double their sales hiring effectiveness. Currently, we work with numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of medium and small-sized businesses.

Today our growth comes mainly from client referrals, and that fact speaks for itself.

We are both entrepreneurs and coaches, and we will bring you a unique set of sales hiring tools. Let's talk and see if we can help you achieve your goals.

About Alan Fendrich

At 24, he was the top salesperson at his company and was promoted to sales manager. His first hire was worse than bad. He learned a few things. Trial and error. He got better at hiring. Not great, but better.

Then he had an idea to help radio stations sell to previously unsold advertisers. He started his own company. Within 2 years, Radio Profits Corporation had nearly 200 salespeople across the US, UK, and Germany.

But their sales hiring failures were killing them, blocking profitability. Turnover was 50%+. The 80/20 rule was in full force: 20% of their sales team were studs, 80% were duds.

He went on a quest because with 200 salespeople the sales duds will bleed you dry. In the end, he cobbled together a sales hiring system that paid off big time. He cut his business turnover by 60% and increased the average success rate for hiring by 214%.

In 2002, he sold his company and retired -- for about six months. (But that's another story.) Today, 2,000+ clients and 243,000 applicants later he is spreading the message that "sales hiring can be much more accurate than most sales managers make it."

Most Trusted Name in Sales Hiring Systems. Better Sales Hiring Transforms Your Profitability Forever.

Guaranteed Results! - Or Your Money Back. We have no incentive to sell you - because if it doesn't work, you don't pay.


We always want to hear from you. We give sales hiring tips & consult with anyone who wants to hire the best salespeople who can sell and make it big, really!


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